• GOCO comes back in 2021

    It is difficult to forecast in the long term, and even in the short term, due to the current situation. Nevertheles, there is something clear, the determination of GOCO for retaking its activity in...

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  • Cancellation GOCO 2020

    Dear colleagues, Due to the current health situation with the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic, the GOCO Board in conjunction with the Organising Committee of the 28th GOCO Congress have decided to...

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  • XXVI GOCO Meeting

    On November 16th, the XXVI Congress of Grup Oncologic Catala-Occita took place in Hospital del Mar of Barcelona. The participation was of 207 attendees, of whom 51 were physicians, 19 physicists, 69...

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Study code: GOCO-2004-0001. Catalan version of french PRACCIS
Study purpose: Description of all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures used in Catalonia for the management of Ductal carcinoma in situ
Study aims:
  • Description of radiological and histological features of the cases included in the study
  • Assessment of the proportion of patients with at least one risk factor for local recurrence (nuclear grade, age, heredity)
  • Description of the therapeutic approach (interveció surgical, radiation, hormone therapy)
Design Type: Observational, descriptive of case series, prospective and multicentered. It involves gynecologists, pathologists, radiotherapists, surgeons and oncologists concerned in the treatment of ductal carcinoma in situ Study
Population study: 200 patients from Cataluña were included, diagnosed of ductal carcinoma in situ, from January 2005 to December 2005 
Principal Researcher: Dr Blanca Farrús. Radiation Oncology. Hospital Clinic Barcelona
Senior Coordinator: Dr Ferran Moreno. Radiation Oncology. ICO-HDiR L'Hospitalet. Barcelona
Coordinadores: Dr Cristina Gurtierrez y Dr Anna Ma. Boladeras. Radiation Oncology. ICO-HDiR L'Hospitalet. Barcelona
 Contact e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact number: + 34 93 2607722